Charity eCard Market has a basic pricing structure that is affordable and allows the nominated charity to receive a 20% donation

of your eCard spend.


There is no one-off set up fee like other providers. You can purchase eCards in small or large amounts.


The larger the eCard amount the more economical it becomes per eCard.

The minimum amount of eCards that can be purchased is 10 eCards = $15 (plus GST). You don’t need to use all the eCards at once, our system keeps a tally of the amount of eCards you have left,which is updated each time you send eCards. You will see at the top right hand side of the homepage within the gold bar the eCard balance remaining. Your eCard spend within our system will last for a period of six months after this time it will expire.


Once your Charity has been selected and your eCard is complete with all your details you simply upload the number of recipients you would like to send the eCard to.


Should you need to purchase more eCards this can be done which will update the eCard balance.