How it works


Easy Steps to Creating a Customised eCard:


1. Select an eCard

Preview our eCard in the relevant categories. Click the preview button so you can see each

eCard concept and choose the one that appeals to you. We have many animated eCard

to choose from. You don’t need to be registered to view our eCards.


2. Customise

Our system will guide you all the way. All eCard require your personal message (do not type "Dear Firstname" as this will be automatically added from your recipients) and you can also include your company logo in the eCard layout. You can add music (optional) from one of the selected tunes. Once you have added these elements you can preview your eCard.


3. Register

Enter your details and create your account (please note: your name and comapny name will be included in the email sent to your recipients). Once your registeration is approved you can logon, create & preview your personalised eCard, purchase eCard credits, send your eCard.


4. Add Recipients

Once you have registered you can add recipients manually or upload them in bulk.  Your .csv file needs to be formatted to match our sample file. Click here to download the sample file. Your .csv file must be clean (no commas or odd characters like "&, accents, brackets, spaces in the email field"). You can ask us to check your file prior to upload.


5. Select Charity / Payment

Select the number of credits you wish to purchase and select the charity of your choice (the charity receives 20% of the value of your eCard order). They will be delighted to receive your support! Add your payment details to verify your eCard transaction. Payment is in Australian dollars. Credit card payments can be made using Visa or Mastercard.


Alternatively you can contact us for a quote to create an eCard link to insert into your own email.