We have answered some common questions below. If your question is not answered here please to contact us.

1. How many people can I email my customised eCard to?

You can send your eCard to 1 person or 10,000 people. You select how many credits you want to purchase depending on how many recipients you have. If you are sending more than 300 eCards, we suggest you request our assistance to check your data.

2. Can I put the eCard on my own website?

No. Our Ecards are set up on our system and servers, which are specially set to withstand high levels of traffic and excessive use of Flash.

3. I have created my eCard and added a greeting and logo and nominated the charity I wish to support. When can I send it?

You will need to Register, add your recipients and make the necessary payment before you can send your Ecards.

4. What makes Charity eCard Market eCards eco-friendly?

By sending electronic forms of greetings you save on paper - the cards, the envelopes, the labels and the stamps - you also save on petrol and air miles when it comes to delivering your cards. The amount of work hours you save by not stuffing envelopes or writing addresses, saves energy and the fact that all of our Ecards are hosted with carbon neutral hosting just makes the whole package have the tiniest of eco foot print.

5. How much of my eCard order goes to charity.

20% of your Ecard order will be paid directly to your nominated Charity.

6. What formats of my logo can I use?

Our website accepts jpeg, png and gif files - Your logo needs to be saved as a RGB. Make sure the resolution looks good to you. If it appears a bit pixulated and blurry, you will know it is not good to appear on your eCard. If you need assistance formatting your logo please email your requirements to info@charitycardmarket.com.au

7. Can I talk to someone about my unique requirements?

Please call 03 9489 1633.

8. Can I email the eCard to my clients as an attachment?

No. For two main reasons: 1. Most Ecards are large and will take too long to send and come through. But mainly: 2. Most email programs will block an email with an attachment especially email systems within a work environment since attachments can contain viruses. So a great percentage of your clients might not get your Ecard because their spam and virus filters will block your email from coming through.

9. After my eCard is sent

1. How long is my Ecard available to view online?

Your Ecard will be available live until Christmas Day.

2. Can I use the same Ecard next year?

Yes but not for free. It will be subject to our standard pricing in the pricing menu.

10. How long is my eCard valid for?

eCards credits are valid for a period of 6 (six) months from date of purchase, so please ensure that you utilise all your purchased credits within this timeframe.

11. Why didn't some of my recipients get my ecard?

The website will despatch your eCard to every person on your recipient list. We cannot guarantee that all your recipients will receive the eCard. Reasons a person may not have received your eCard include if the email address was incorrect, the eCard went to their Junk folder, the eCard was block by their server, etc. You can request a report from us withing 24 hours after you have despatched an eCard.

12. How do I add my list of recipients?

You can either enter recipients individually or you can upload a .csv file. Your .csv file needs to be formatted to match our sample file. Click here to download the sample file.

Your .csv file must be clean (no commas or odd characters like "&, accents, brackets, spaces in the email field"). You can ask us to check your file prior to upload.

13. I don't like the preview, can I change it?

Yes, you can use the back button to change your eCard. Please note: you cannot use "&" symbol. Please type "and" instead.

14. What will my recipient receive?

Your recipient will receive an email from Charity eCard Market advising them that you have sent them an eCard. The email has a link to view the personalised eCard. The recipients firstname will be shown on the inside of the eCard.

Example email:
Notice that your name and company are shown in the subject line and email.

Example eCard:

Example eCard inside:
Notice it puts "Dear Firstname" at the top of the eCard (that doesn't show in your preview, do not type "Dear" but you will need to type the from information in the message area). The charity logo appears in the top right (that doesn't show in your preview).

15. How will the animation look on mobile devices?

If your mobile device does not support flash animation your recipient will see a static version of your eCard.

16. Can I insert into my own email?

Contact us for a quote to create an eCard link to insert into your own email.

17. I have already sent some eCards, how do I send it to more people?

The simplest way to send more eCards is to create a new eCard and add your new recipients to it.

18. Do I need to type "Dear Firstname" in the message?

No, you do not. "Dear" and the "firstname" will be automatically added from your recipeint list. But you may wish to include your from details in the message area.