About Us


Charity eCard Market actively promotes and supports over 70 charities.


You can purchase from a huge selection of eCards on this site.


We have used the latest technologies to create Charity eCard Market. Our eCards feature

interactive animations, audio, customisable messages, and relevant seasonal imagery to

engage and entertain recipients.


This website is operated by Francis Maurice Design. Charities shown on this website do not incur

any costs in any way by being on this site. The website is fully funded and run by

Francis Maurice Design.


All our eCards are created in our Melbourne studio. All funds generated from this website stay in

Australia and 20% of the value of each order is distributed to the intended Charity.


Francis Maurice Design can assist you with any enquiries regarding eCards or information about

a specific Charity. Contact us on 03 9489 1633 or email us info@charityecardmarket.com.au